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We sell all of the items at a great discounted prices.

We’ve made a business out of finding rare and unique items. Sometimes they’re overlooked and in need of just a little t.l.c. We take the time to look over these diamonds in the rough and give them a little polish when needed. After that we put them up for treasure hunters and offer them at ridiculous prices. Like our founder, Stu, we love the hunt in finding those hidden gems and the passion from finding them a new home. We’ve found vintage music collections, rare toys, amazing hand tools, period piece furniture and more. It’s incredible what Stu uncovers and brings back to our brick and mortar store in nearby Maple Shade, New Jersey.

Interested in coming in to see what you can find? Or maybe you’re interested in parting with a family treasure. Contact us and let us know what we can do for you. We’re always looking for something new and we always have something unique to offer.

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Dozens of finds at great prices from tools to toys and vintage to vinyl.

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A bargain hunting ground for discovering items rare and unique.


Amazing items in great condition from new to decades old.

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