American Angels – 2004 – CD -German Import


2003 Harmonia Mundi USA (Made in Germany) CD Album HMU 907326 (German Import)
Condition: Like New
No signs of wear or damage
Track Listing
1. We Have Met to Worship Brethren
2. Holy Spirit, come) Abbeville
3. hymn Wondrous Love (“What wondrous love is this”)
4. Sweet Hour of Prayer
5. how sweet the sound) Jewett
6. Amazing grace, my portion and my love) Dunlap’s Creek
7. My God, New Britain (Amazing Grace) [The Sacred Harp] (Philadelphia)
8. The Morning Trumpet
9. hymn (to the tune Resignation) My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
10. look gently down) Poland (God of my life
11. religious ballad Wayfaring Stranger
12. Sweet by and by for chorus & organ
13. were I like a feathered dove) Blooming Vale
14. Idumea I & II
15. Sweet Prospect
16. hymn Shall We Gather at the River
17. Amanda (“Death like an overflowing stream”)
18. I Hear The Harps Eternal (Invitation) Hark
19. folk hymn Parting Friends
20. Angel Band (My latest sun is sinking fast)

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Genre: Classical
Duration: Album
Style: Hymn, Spiritual
Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany
Release Year: 2004
Special Attributes: Import
UPC: 0093046732622
Format: CD
Playing Time: 60 min.
Distributor: Harmonia