Coming Back to Baseball : The Cincinnati Astros and the Joys of Over-30 Play…


Dr. Michael G. Leadbetter was like many other former high school and college baseball players: His head told hime his playing days were over, but his heart remained open to the chance to play again. He found that chance in the Roy Hobbs Baseball Organization, an over-30 league named for the main character in The Natural. Leadbetter quickly assembled a team and was off to the Roy Hobbs World Series – where his team went 2-4. Undeterred, Leadbetter set out to develop the best over-30 team around.
This is the story of the Cincinnati Astros, of the passion of Mike Leadbetter, and of baseball in its purest form – baseball that reminds us why we fell in love with the sport in the first place…a fascinating read.

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